Here We Go

Here we go, I’ve been packing up all my things for a week. And in two days I leave for Orlando. So crazy, It doesn’t feel real. I keep wanting to say something like, “oh I’m sure I’ll see you soon, maybe we can catch lunch or get a coffee.” when I talk to all my friends. But then I catch myself saying, “oh wait, never mind I’m leaving in a few days” instead. My brain hasn’t adjusted to the fact that I’m moving.  It’s not to say I won’t see anyone ever again, but when I do things will be different. As it is with most everything in life. Things change. For the good, usually.

I was tearing off all the posters and paintings from the walls of the house I rented out this year. I made a huge mess of them…not my intention. My mom and I looked at the room when I was done. The white paint had been torn off of about fifty small spots where I had put the sticky squares that held on all my mirrors and decorations. I destroyed the walls to say the least. I had to laugh at it a little. “Well I left it a little different for the next person who lives here” I thought. Positive thinking right? I won’t be getting my deposit back for the room that’s for sure.

Staring at these walls and looking around my room so see if there was anything I had missed, I started to think about all the other people who have lived in that room before me. Each leaving the room a little different than it was before they left. And then making it what it was when I moved in. To me, that room reminds me of my senior year of college, it reminds me of my friend Jon and all my sorority sisters. It reminds me of my mother and Ulises so kindly moving me into the space I would call my room at the beginning of the year. It reminds me of heartbreak. It reminds me of Brooke running past my room at three in the morning. Of my sister and prayers. It reminds me of the smell of incense and candles. And it reminds me of messiness. The list goes on and on, but the point I’m trying to make is that now that I’m all moved out and packed up to move to Indianapolis for the rest of the summer, I’ve left that room with a little more character than it had when I first got there. I’m not sure if anyone will even notice it, but the little marks on the walls from when I tried to make a rock wall out of my bed frame stain the boards with character and uniqueness. I kind of think this is what my next job will entail. Going to chapters and meeting these women for a short period of time, and then moving on. I hope that I when I leave them, I leave a little piece of my character with them. So, here we go! Two days till Orlando! One week till Indianapolis! Let the blogs begin.

Enjoy, read and share.

-Michelle (6/3/16)

2 thoughts on “Here We Go

  1. You are an amazing woman. I am so proud of you and I know you will have an awesome year because you will make it wonderful! Dad and I love you so much! Love your blog 🙂

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