They say happiness only exists when shared. They say that life’s an adventure, that life’s a journey. They say “be inspirational.” These thoughts come in bold fonts and flashy colors, ingrained into our brains. I always think about what it means to “be somebody.” Throughout college, high school and even as a child the questions of “Who do you want to be?” and “What do you want to become?” are constantly being asked. What major will you pick that will in essence define the person that you are, and what accomplishments will you make that will contribute to the “somebody” that you are expected to become. It wasn’t until recently as I was contemplating the whole “be somebody” idea that I got frustrated with the phrase. I thought, “I already am “someone”. I exist. I live and I grow. Is that not enough?”

I think so often we, or at least myself, thinks that in order to be somebody we have to constantly be doing something. In order to inspire people we have live loudly and shout our beliefs through screens of social media, raging about what we have accomplished and what are setting out to accomplish. One thing after another, we post and post until we eventually become “inspiring”. And the word “inspiring” turns into us becoming a pinpoint on earth’s map, something we can be identified by. A pinpoint we use as our own personal and recognizable brand for the character we have created ourselves to be. We find value in that. Inspiration has become attainable through loud language and screaming acts. Not very genuine is it? People so focused on becoming “somebody” that they loose their true self. Its all a game of image and attaining the most success…whatever that is.

This might just be me, but I find inspiration in silence. It always seems great stories come from those who were alone in a process. From someone who had to overcome something, through their own strength and their own faith. Total mental breakdowns, sometimes extreme conditions. The inspiration comes from the quietness of a person in the midst of the world surrounding them. When chaos is presented in a life, and when pain interferes with an unselfish mind, they carry on. They continue living. As I say this, I imagine everyone thinks that about their own lives though. I hear it all the time, people talk about how they wouldn’t wish their own pain on anyone, and they have overcome whatever they’ve gone through making themselves inspiring. They talk about their battles, like they’ve become something because of them and I don’t doubt that they have but is it wrong to say I still find more beauty in those who rarely speak of what they’ve been through.

Strength seen through the souls carried out in the glimpses of another person’s eyes is inspiration. To find peace internally and exist among the chaos, to not scream at it and shout at the earth through a screen. To be a “somebody” because you know who you are and you live. To not be defined by anything but to define yourself.

They say happiness only exists when shared, share and enjoy!

(5/22/16) Blog 1-INSPIRATION

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